On Site Sorting and Recycling
We maximise recyclable waste

The main streams of recyclable waste such as White paper, Tin, Plastics, Glass, Newspapers and magazines, Cardboard, Food waste, Polystyrene, Light Bulbs are properly sorted by trained personnel (on site) into the correct grades and categories.

We will recycle all the waste collected. Upon collection from the recycling holding area the waste will be weighed and the breakdown of the waste by (kg) weight will be recorded and presented to Management at the end of each month in a consolidated report.

Ideally, where possible, the Sorting agents are selected from the local communities to ensure that we give back where we can.

We also deal with Hazardous Waste:
•Oil Contaminated Sludge waste – Workshops & Wash Bays
We can use 10 000 litre super sucker for sump waste generated from wash bays and inspection pits
Destination: A registered Waste Treatment Facility and Landfill
•Oil Contaminated Waste – Workshops
When skips are full they will be transported to a Registered facility for processing and safe disposal
Destination: A Registered Waste Treatment Facility and Landfill
•Fluorescent Lamp Disposal / Recycling
Bins supplied for storage of used/discarded fluorescent lamps and CFL’s
Exchanged with new bin when full and transported to licenced facility (Reclite)for recycling.
Total Waste Management Solutions
When we work with you we begin a Phased approach to ensure we understand the complexities and nuances of your business.

Not only do we strive to provide a service that is professional and comprehensive, but we undertake to UNDERSTAND your business to enable us to offer you a Total Waste Management Solution.

Phase 1: sorting, recycling and reporting – where we begin to assess volumes and workstreams
Phase 2: manage general waste collection – where we offer you a solution for products that are often overlooked for recycling
Phase 3: composting solution for food waste – if you have a catering facility on site to we present solutions for your Wet Waste collection and/or on-site Composting
Phase 4: ZERO Waste! – when we fully understand the dynamics of your business then we can present you a solution for Zero Waste
We offer Qualitative and quantitative reporting and analysis (e.g. waste recycling, landfill).
that you, as a valued client, can access 24 hours a day via the unique portal on our Website

You can track the total waste collection and breakdown for each waste category. A running ‘counter’ shows how much you have contributed to the reduction in the usage of Electricity, Water and Trees by choosing to use Recycle Drive

Additionally, through our Unique Waste Tracker system you can call up and review all collection slips for verification or reporting purposes. These records remain on the portal and are easily accessible and comply with the regulations that records be kept for a minimum of 5 years

Reporting can be filtered for a selected period or day should you need to query or report on a specific time frame

Training is undertaken with yourselves to ensure that the you have total control and understanding of the reporting portal.
At Recycle Drive we will ensure that you are compliant with the necessary Legislative and HSE requirements

• Compliance with rules on waste transport and processing/disposal
• Compliance with the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998)
• Compliance with the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act 59 of 2008), and associated regulations, norms and standards and municipal by-laws
• Compliance with traceability rules

An onsite file includes (but not limited to) Contractor Appointment Letters, Letters of Good Standing, Legal Appointments, MSDS and Training Records, Relevant Waste Disposal Certificates, Environmental Services Policies and Procedures Manuals etc etc.

For your convenience we have complied a comprehensive and easy to access list of all Waste Legislation, Regulations and Policies, as well as Norms and Standards, Amendments and Guidelines, Collections and Planning documents that are available on this website
Training and Consulting
All our Sorting Agents are comprehensively trained, both in Theory and Practice, before they are deployed into the field. Training covers Induction (both Client and Recycle Drive), Stacking and Storage, MSDS, Emergency Management, Waste Management as well as Safety Management
Thereafter they undergo ongoing vetting procedures to ensure that they maintain the highest standard of Waste Management whilst on site

We will also train relevant company stakeholders in various functions to ensure that the separation at source is understood and championed from your side

We are also able to train your staff at our academy and consult with you for all your Waste Management Solutions – be it evaluating your current solution to merely advising you on how to construct, lay out and equip your own sorting room we can assist
Free, No Obligation Consultation!

Supply of consumables

Top Selling Products



Recycle Drive is responsible for taking care of the waste management of a large number of popular events

Paving the road to Zero Waste

Recycle Drive is an innovative waste management company able to recycle and remove a wide range of recyclable products as well as general waste.

Recycle Drive offers a complete solution to the problem of commercial waste generation. We have the capacity to collect, paper, newspapers and magazines, glass, plastic, tin, empty toner cartridges, as well as offering a confidential paper shredding service. We provide an efficient, reliable and consistent service which enables companies to recycle with minimal input whilst at the same time making a positive contribution to saving the environment.

We will recycle all the waste collected. Upon collection from the recycling holding area, the waste will be weighed and the breakdown of the waste by (kg) weight will be recorded and presented at the end of each month in a consolidated report.

On-site sorting & sustainable reporting
Training and equipment allow for an efficient sorting process. These processes then form part of behaviours that lead to sustainable change. These processes make reporting regular with definite measurement criteria
Best of Breed
Sucess over the years can be attributed to making sure we use offer the security, service & technology to meet our client needs.
Safe disposal
It is important to deal with waste not make it someone else's problem. Our compliance standards, process and goals drive us to safe waste disposal on the journey to zero waste
Proven Culture
Sustainable transformation is created through culture and we have proven our effectiveness of creating this through awareness and education
Improved Compliance
Our services allow corporations to comply with the current legislation and as a by-product assist in improving the overall favourability of your brand
We hold and can distribute supplies to support our Zero waste solution and with the consumables to recycle at home, the office, sports club and so on, anywhere.